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Alta to American River

The forecast for Colfax on Wednesday is a high of 69 which is 4 degrees warmer than it was when we did this ride in November. So I thought I’d hang up the roller skis for a day again and repeat the ride from Alta to the North Fork of the American River.

Since this is an out and back, it’s easy to shorten the ride to lessen the difficulty or to extend it at either end to increase the difficulty. In November Carolyn and Sara turned around at highway 74 and went back via Norton Grade. I estimate that as about 25 miles and 2800 feet of climbing.

In November, I wore a lightweight jacket and leg warmers for the initial decent, but took the leg warmers off for the return climb and was never less than warm after the initial descent to Dutch Flat.

The complete ride was 38 miles with 4300 feet of climbing.
Here’s the profile:



The “V” in the center of the profile is Iowa Hill Road East. It is a descent and ascent of about 1200 feet with an average grade of 8.2 percent making it about as difficult than the climb to Donner Pass on Old Highway 40.

Lake Tahoe Loop or Gold Lake Out & Back

In my recent conversations the only two rides that have come up have been the Lake Tahoe Loop and the Gold Lake Out & Back.

Since we’ll have Labor Day behind us, I thought next week could be good for the Lake Tahoe Loop. I know at least one person who may be riding the Tour de Tahoe ride on September 11. If this turns out to be a problem, Gold Lake Out & Back will be the backup plan or the route for the following Wednesday.

As most of you know, the Lake Tahoe Loop is 71 miles long with about 3000 feet of climbing.

Last year we stopped at the natural food cafe/deli in South Lake Tahoe. There’s a bagel place a couple of doors down, so it offers several options plus outdoor tables next to the bikes.

There a number of other food options including one of my favorites – Baja Fresh.

The backup route of Gold Lake Out and Back is popular because it provides a lot of options for distance and elevation gain as well as quiet roads and beautiful scenery. Here’s what it looks like from my Polar data from a 2009 ride.

  Distance Distance
from Start
Totoal Distance
Turn-around Point
Alt Ascent Totoal Ascent
Turn-around Point
Yuba Gap 6.4 6.4 12.8 6465 1600 1600 4.8
Bassetts 7.1 13.5 27.1 5220 0 2820 3.2
Salmon Lake 4.2 17.7 35.4 6210 985 3805 4.5
Gold lake Boat Ramp 2.5 20.2 40.4 6350 200 4065 1.1
Round Lake trail 1.6 21.8 43.6 6335 165 4380 0.1
HIghway 89 8.0 29.8 59.5 4305 0 6405 4.7
Round Lake Trail 8.0 37.8   6330 2025   4.8
Gold Lake Boat Ramp 1.6 39.4   6325 150   0.0
Salmon Lake 2.5 41.8   6225 60   0.7
Bassetts 42. 46.0   5230 0   4.4
Yuba Gap 7.2 53.2   6455 1220   3.2
Sattley 6.3 59.5   4890 0   4.6


Please let me know if you plan on doing this Wednesday’s ride: Lake Tahoe Loop.


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