Carson Valley – Diamond Valley

Carson Valley – Genoa to Diamond Valley (42 mile loop, moderate climbing): From Highway 395, drive 8.4 miles on Jacks Valley Road to Genoa and start your ride at the park in Genoa (it’ll be on your left across the street from the Genoa Courthouse Museum) – the park has bathrooms and a nice picnic area. From Genoa ride south; after 11 miles turn right on Fredricksburg Road (there’s a dirt parking area at this intersection – a lot of riders like to start their ride here). When you get to a major intersection with Highway 88, cross the Highway and go straight and uphill to enter the Diamond Valley. Follow Diamond Valley Road until it ends at Highway 89 — turn right to get to Woodfords, at which point you’ll cross Highway 88 again. Across Highway 88 and to your right is the Woodfords market – they have drinks, bathrooms, and serve lunch (try their veggie sandwich – it’s terrific, and be sure to check out the posters in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms). From the market, cross Highway 88 and head north; very shortly you’ll turn right onto Carson River Road, where you’ll enjoy a nice steady downhill following the river (it’s several miles of “giant slalom” downhill in your fastest gears) . This will take you back to the intersection with Highway 88 where you entered the Diamond Valley. Cross over Highway 88 here and retrace your steps back to Genoa. For reference, the elevation at Genoa is 4800 ft.; Woodfords is at elevation 5630 ft. There’s an organized ride that does this same loop each year (except they like to do Diamond Valley counterclockwise) – see  Note temperatures in the Carson Valley are generally warmer than Tahoe due to the lower elevation – this area is great in the spring when it’s still cold in Tahoe.

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