Mount Rose Highway

Highway 431 connects Incline Village to Reno and goes over Mount Rose Summit – at 8900 feet, this is the highest year-round pass in the Sierras, and the views are worth it! This stretch of road gets traffic, but it has a nice wide shoulder for biking from Highway 28 in Incline Village up to the summit (it’s about 9 miles of steady climbing). Make sure you avoid the edges of the drainage grates on the shoulders – you don’t want to get a tire stuck in those things. The best biking on this road is an out and back to the Summit – it’s possible to head over the summit and down to Reno, but there are very narrow shoulders on the eastern side of the summit and it’s a long uphill from the Reno which is at 4500 feet (for comparison, the elevation at Lake Tahoe is 6225 ft.). There are several nice vista points that overlook Lake Tahoe along the climb from Incline, and there’s a bathroom at the summit.

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