Antelope Lake

The Antelope Lake ride is roughly 60 miles with less than 4000 feet of climbing on very quiet roads. The length can vary depending where along the Beckworth Genesee road the group decides to park

The start of the ride is on Beckworth Genesee road a few miles north of highway 70. Although you could turn back early to make a short option, this is basically a one option ride. If anyone wants to lengthen the ride, there are a couple of ways to do that.

Sierra Valley – Antelope Lake: this ride is REMOTE– a great ride if you hate sharing the road with cars. It’s about a 45 mile roundtrip from the Clover Valley to Antelope Lake – you can extend the ride if you want by riding around Antelope Lake. This ride is all within the Plumas National Forest, so there are no services, no people, and very little traffic, even during weekends! The ride starts north of Beckwourth in the Clover Valley (to get there, drive to Beckwourth which is about 20 miles north of Sierraville, and take Road 177 north from Beckwourth – 177 starts off as a paved road, turns into a dirt road and just when you’re starting to wonder it turns into a paved road again in the Clover Valley — you’ll drive for several miles across the valley over some rough pavement expansion joints – park by the bridge or further up if you don’t like the expansion joints). Bike on Road 177 north and follow signs towards Antelope Lake. The terrain is rolling with some good hills, including a big downhill into Antelope Lake. During the summer, there’s a campground at Antelope where you can get water (don’t count on the campground being open if you go in the spring or in the fall – if the campground is closed, the water will be shut off – take it from personal experience). On this ride, there are also a fair number of cattle guards you have to cross, but they’re pretty manageable once you get used to biking over them. Carry extra water, food, and tools for this ride!

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