Bassetts-Sierra City-Downieville

This ride goes from the intersection of 89 and 49, 1 mile west of Sattley, and follow highway 49 to Downieville, approximately 30 miles down the road. Since this is an out and back, it’s relatively easy to construct a shorter option by turning around. Anyone on a shorter ride knows that the long option people will eventually catch back up to them if there are any problems

Here are the approximate distances and elevations along with some possible options.

  Elevation Distance from Start Elevation Change
89&49 5100    
Yuba Pass 6701 6 1601
Bassetts 5400 12.5 -1301
Sierra City 4500 17.8 -900
Downieville 2930 30.3 -1570


  Option Distance of Ride Total Elevation Gain
Downieville & back 1 60.6 5372
Sierra City & back 2 35.6 3802
Bassetts & back 3 25.0 2902


None of the gradients on any of the climbs are very steep.

It’s also easy to add effort on the way back by going up Gold Lake road to Sardine Lake , Salmon Lake, Gold Lake or even Graeagle – and then turning back to return up Yuba Pass.


We will meet at the intersection of 89&49 where highway 89 turns right to go towards Whitehawk and Graeagle.

There is parking on the side of the road off 89 immediately after the turn. There are also some spots on 49. The last flush toilet for awhile is at the second gas station as we enter Sierraville, but there are some decent sized trees by the parking and along the road as we ascend. There are pit toilets at Yuba Pass and Bassetts. There are nice public restrooms in Sierra City (Up the slight hill on the right as you are going towards Downieville) and in Downieville.

There is food and water at Bassetts, Sierra City and Downieville .

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