Sattley-Lake Davis-Portola Loop

The basic ride goes counter clockwise from Sattley to  Lake Davis via A23 and Grizzly Road. It then descends Lake Davis Road down to Portola. From there we take A15 down to highway 89 and return to the cars at Sattley. The route, as described in MapMyRide  cuts across to A23 at Calpine.

The basic ride is about 50 miles and 2300 feet of elevation gain.

Option 1 is to extend the ride at Lake Davis by going to the end of the pave road and then out to a picnic area where you can get a great view of the lake and water fowl. In 2011 when we did this we saw an eagle or osprey with a nest high in a tree near the shore of the lake.

Option 2 is to complete the ride by going to Gold Lake, Bassets and over Yuba Pass. This route is about 73 miles and 5000 feet of climbing. It’s also described as a separate ride on the blog.

The Basic Ride

The Basic Ride with Extension at Lake Davis


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