Boca and Stampede Reservoirs

From Truckee, drive on Highway 80 east towards Reno – take the Hirschdale Road exit (approx. 5 miles east of Truckee). Turn left on Hirschdale Road and park at the lot when you get to Boca Reservoir. From here, ride your bike north on Hirschdale Road up towards Stampede Reservoir. There are a few significant climbs up to Stampede, but the pavement is in really nice condition, and there’s virtually no residential or through traffic on this road — the only traffic is from people accessing the reservoirs. It’s about a 17 mile roundtrip to a picnic area overlooking Stampede Reservoir (turn left when you get to the top of the last big hill, go over the dam, and take your next right into the picnic area). From there, you can continue to the boat ramp at the end of the road. When you get back to Hirschdale Road, you can extend your ride by turning left – it’s about another 2 miles in that direction until the end of the pavement. When you get back to the parking lot at Boca, you can turn right after the parking lot and bike out to the Boca boat ramp – the ride back to where you are parked offers some great mountain views! This is a good advanced beginner/intermediate ride.

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