Jackson Meadows

This is a very scenic ride over some pretty remote terrain, with great views of meadows and mountain peaks. There are no services along this road other than some camping areas, and there are no residential areas (unless you count the house with the helicopter pad). From Truckee, drive north on Highway 89 towards Sierraville.; about 15 miles north of Truckee, turn left at the sign for Jackson Meadows, and park at the lot and hop on your bike. From here, it’s a 35 mile round trip to Jackson Meadows Reservoir (elevation 6000 ft.). The route to Jackson Reservoir starts off with some expansion joints, but the pavement gets much better after about 5 miles. It’s an out and back route to the reservoir, with an uphill climb over Henness Pass (elev. 6840 ft.); for reference, your starting point at Highway 89 is 6400 ft.